Sunday, December 21, 2014

Saturday Advent Series Week #3 - William Street Cranberry Saison

At the William Street Beer Co., we LOVE Belgian beers...particularly Saisons. We could not be more excited to introduce you to our first seasonal Saison, and it's a great one.

Traditionally, Saisons were brewed by farmers in cooler months and cellared for the upcoming season of fieldwork. In fact, farm workers were entitled by law to receive up to 5 quarts of saison per day to help them beat the late summer heat. The style has a very broad definition, but all boast an exciting bouquet of floral and spicy esters from the unique yeast strain.

The William Street Cranberry Saison weighs in a 8% Alc/Vol and is inspired by the holiday season in which it's released. It is built on a foundation of Canadian Pilsner Malt and Wheat Malt, with the addition of Canadian Amber Honey, it is beautifully fermentable. In the latter stages of the boil, we introduce a host of festive spices.

Once the bulk of Primary Fermentation has completed, we introduce Granny Smith Apple and Ontario Cranberries to summon the experience of a holiday feast in a glass.

William Street Cranberry Saison is available at our brewery store at 412 William Street in Cobourg, in 650ml bottles, while supplies last.

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