Monday, July 17, 2017

New Growler Policies to Serve You Better!

William Street Beer Co. has been utilizing the popular 1.9L Growler format for nearly three years and a great many of you are super enthusiastic about this eco-friendly format for taking high quality draught beer home with you. We have recently also introduced a 1L version for those with a smaller appetite for Cobourg's Premium Craft Beer.

We are making some changes to how we organize our Growler Program in order to ensure the best delivery of product for you. We want to decrease costs to you, support the most ecologically responsible format and, finally, ensure that the beer that you enjoy is as fresh and delicious as possible. To that end, please review the New William Street Beer Growler Policies.

  2. We will fill / refill all standard 1.89L growlers to order. We will also fill 1L growlers. While we are okay with filling growlers from other breweries, we will ensure that it carries our logo before it leaves.
  3. We will not fill sizes other than those above.
  4. We ask that all growlers presented for fill be cleaned in an effective manner. In fact, we reserve the right to not fill growlers that have not been adequately cleaned because it compromises product quality and could infect filling equipment. Please see below for instructions.
  5. We will not fill cracked or damaged growlers.

Best Practices for Growler Enjoyment

  1. Enjoy your growler fresh. If you wish to keep the beer for more than a couple/few days, cans are a better option for you.
  2. Once you open the growler you have a limited amount of time to enjoy it's intended quality. Share it with friends! Call the neighbours! Once the lid is off and air is introduced, the beer will begin to lose freshness. Fresher is better!
  3. Once the growler is empty, rinse it twice with hot water and allow it to drain in your sink or drying rack. That's clean enough. We will sanitize it before we fill it.
  4. Resist the urge to put the lid back on it. Let the growler breath until it get's back to the brewery.
  5. Please bring it back for frequent refills! Growlers are more eco-friendly than cans and they give you the best format for enjoying brewery fresh craft beer!

Please don't hesitate to pop into the brewery (or email if you have questions. Cheers!