Friday, September 20, 2013

Polishing the Business Plan

I have written a few business plans in my time. Unfortunately, they have all been for fitness clubs, they have all been for other companies and they have all been successful in generating revenue for those other people. The whole process is a little harder when the Business Plan is for your own project.

I started working on the document when I first found the space on William Street. Although it's just one document, it is amazing how complex the process is. From sourcing all equipment and ingredients, to meeting with designers, contractors and trades, to meeting with bankers and plan...floor plans....operational and management structures. Putting all of this together is tough.

And you need to be honest with yourself. Is this thing really financially viable?

In this case, I am glad to say that it appears to be a resounding "YES". The market in Cobourg is fertile. The economy, especially in the beer business, is stable and support has never been greater.

What next? Well, I am going to spend the weekend proofing, formatting and praying. Then, I will be delivering copies of my opus to the bank, potential investors, the CRA and AGCO.

No doubt, this thing is getting real!

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  1. Good for you, wishing you success.
    I'm at the same point!