Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Announcement is Coming...

The decision to open my own nano brewery was one that was made in the spring of this year. 2013 started as another tumultuous one from a professional standpoint, and I was pretty sure that the year would not come to an end without me making some bold decisions about my future directions. As I have always said, I am one of the worst employee's I have ever come across. The Entrepreneurial Spasm has been convulsing inside of me for the past couple of years and it looks like the time has come to jump in with both feet.

But a microbrewery? I know, it seems a little bit of an odd decision, but you have to follow where your passions lead and I have never been more comfortable doing anything in my life. So...a brewery it is.

The first question of course, was where. I explored a couple of locations close to home, but the idea of investing in my future within the city of Toronto seems a bit like asking a wolf to mind my henhouse. So where? Back to Norfolk County? Unlikely. Prince Edward County? Perhaps, but it's a bit far from family and friends and certainly not commutable.

And then, one day, while I was on my ongoing mission to sell fitness equipment to the masses, I found myself in Cobourg. I spent a lot of time in this town as a kid, as my Grandmother lived there. I drove by her old house and thankfully, there was a crew working at renovating it and I was able to re-aquaint myself with it both inside and out. It really was like coming home again, which is a feeling that I seem to really relish these days.

Anyhow, there was another building that really caught my I on that trip and lead me to believe that there was no question that Cobourg was not only to be the home of my brewery, but also the home for my family moving forward. It truly is nice to be home.

Now, we have quite a ways to go here. I really just finished up my business plan this week (it looks very favourable), and I need to finalize some financing details, but I really want to keep a recored of this process because I really think that this is going to change my world in a way that I can't even yet fathom.



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