Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Time is Near

So...we have had the tremendous pleasure over the past couple of weeks to meet a great many of our neighbours, make a bunch of new friends and begin to get ourselves oriented in the fabulous business community in Cobourg/Port Hope. Not surprisingly, I have been asked pretty regularly about our opening date and when people can buy beer at William and University. Truthfully, it's pretty much out of our hands right now. It's entirely at the will of about 3,000,000,000 of our most trusted helpers...and this is where they work!

Seriously though, we have a batch of North Shore Blonde and a batch of Cliff Top Pale Ale bubbling away in these fermentors. Once the yeast have finished their fine work, we will get this beer carbonated and into kegs and bottles just as fast as we can. As soon as we have beer in the fridges, we will fire up the "OPEN" sign and invite you all in. I can't say too much, but I would certainly recommend that you keep half an eye on our FACEBOOK PAGE over the coming days...

What else is new? Well aside from just standing around waiting for beer to ferment we have also been finishing all of the details off in the store, celebrating the arrival of our signage (Thanks, Holly!) and doing all of the last minute errands in preparation for opening. BTW - Check out this awesome fridge that we're picking up this week...we are stoked!

Have a great day!

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