Tuesday, March 25, 2014

William Street Beer - March Update

Well, today is March 25th, 2014. When we initially crafted our business plan; the master opus around which our brewery project has revolved, we projected an opening date in January. When we suffered delays surrounding our location, we had to very quickly revise our opening date to March 1st. Now, we have been waiting on the delivery of a crucial component of the brewhouse equipment, without which we cannot brew beer. Let me tell you, I hate delays. I hate long lines, I hate tardiness, I hate late dinners and I despise asking others for patience when I myself have little. However, as the weather warms and Cobourg has access to it's first brewery in over 100 years, I am confident that these little delays will be forgotten.

All of that being said, here is all of the good news...

Firstly, we are a fully licensed brewery. We are able to manufacture and sell beverage alcohol in the province Ontario. We received our federal license from the CRA earlier this month, and last week we received our provincial manufacturing license from the AGCO. On the heals of those two documents, we had our site inspection which confirmed that we are also licensed to sell product directly to the public from our onsite store.

Of equal importance, we learned this past weekend that the final component of our brewing equipment is being completed as we speak and that we should have it in our hands in the coming days. As soon as we had this info, we have been in a purchasing frenzy, arranging delivery of brewing grains, bottles, kegs etc.

In the past week we also had a thrill of finalizing our label designs with an incredibly talented artist and packaging designer. We can't say enough about the talent and creativity of Luke at The Design Firm.

As we continue through the final days of hard work leading up to our opening, we want to thank absolutely everyone who has supported The William Street Beer Company in it's development. We have been lifted up by the enthusiasm of friends and family, officers from all levels of government, the Cobourg and Port Hope small business communities, local radio and newspaper venues, the Ontario Craft Beer community, and our ever growing social media support network. Above all, we are thankful for the enthusiasm of our very thirsty neighbours who have expressed an unwavering enthusiasm for a community based brewery, crafting small batch beer from high quality ingredients.

All of that being said, the countdown is on. The coming days will hold some of our biggest milestones, as we complete the brewery, launch our onsite manufacturing and announce the opening of our facility to the people of Northumberland and surrounding areas.



  1. I don't think any new business gets up and running 'on time' and I'd say a 4 month 'delay' is pretty good! I think the label artwork is awesome and you've got a nice looking brand. Looking forward to sampling the goods.

    1. Thanks. We're looking forward to meeting you!

  2. It's official! Cobourg now has brewery again.

    Congratulations, guys.

  3. Very excited to come by for a sample! Good luck getting things started.

  4. Thanks for the support, guys. We will see you soon!