Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Gypsy Brewer, Looking for a Home

Friday was a a busy one. We really don't want to lose any ground in our timeline, so we're approaching the search for our new location with a level of intensity.

The first thank you of the day goes to the absolutely lovely Julie of the Cobourg Business Development Office who provided me with an updated property availability list on very short notice. We also had the pleasure of meeting with her at her office to go through the listings. Thanks, Julie!

The second big thank you that I have is for Craft Beer Lover and City Planner, Rob. We walked into his office on a Friday after lunch with no appointment and he enthusiastically sat down with us to clarify the answers to some zoning questions and with his help, our options are fairly clear. Thanks, Rob! we sit...with a town that is excited to have their own brewery, people who are excited to buy beer, a gorgeous brewhouse on order and nowhere to set up shop. Bummer. However, we have found some great potential options and I'm hoping that a decision can be made quickly and we can get possession ASAP. I am JONESING to start the brick and mortar reality of this dream.

BTW - I am also in the process of learning a new design platform. See attached image. A) I think I need more practice and, B) Who's the creep in the background?

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


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