Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

This little entry is going to seem a little bit more personal than the rest, but there is something just wonderfully reflective about Thanksgiving. This little Thanksgiving post is being written in my backyard during a particularly warm and sunny period of holiday Monday afternoon. I am enjoying a Mill Street Oktoberfest Beer and giving thanks for what will likely be the most busy and exciting fall/winter seasons of my life.

Opening a Craft Brewery is the culmination of a long and often difficult professional evolution. The time is right for great change and there is no question that onward will certainly be upward.

Today I want to give very public thanks to my friends and family who are enthusiastically indulging my endeavours, I want to thank my new friends in Cobourg who have made me feel more welcome than the 416 ever could, and I want to thank my beautiful wife, Karen, without whom I could not have conceived of any of this.

No one ever had an easy time starting a new business, but with all of this support I feel like we can't help but be successful. Thanks to you all.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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